Web Interface Developer (Co-op)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada · Engineering


Co-op Term: Spring 2019

We want to be Where Business Meets the Future.

INTERSECT delivers mobile and IoT product strategy, design thinking, and engineering excellence for businesses that want to get ahead. We deliver experiences that inspire the next generation of business.

Our Toronto-based team works with global clients helping them deliver beautiful, usable, and innovative products to their customers, employees, and partners.

As our Web Interface Developer Co-op you work with the team to plan and develop progressive solutions for projects involving web technologies.

Responsibilities will include:

- Javascript - reliable, confident, versatile Javascript that you would want to send to your parents
- Javascript may include any of the millions of different frameworks in the world, as well as writing vanilla Javascript when the situation calls for it
- Unit testing
- CSS (for a world with many different shapes and sizes of screens)
- HTML (accessible for everybody in the world to view)
- Contributing to the planning and estimation of projects from an understanding of the project needs and objectives, through to developing a strategy that will ensure the optimal technical solution
- Participating in sprint planning and sprint reviews on a weekly basis (charting out the path upcoming, and reviewing how the last stretch went)
- Interacting with APIs and participating in the planning of API development
- Working with DevOps to ensure the best development tools and build processes are being used
- Working with QA to ensure that high quality software is being shipped
- Assisting with the creation of technical flow charts and any other planning documentation required to ensure successful product development
- Dealing with the anticipation of knowing hundreds of thousands of people are interacting with an interface that you assembled


The following skills / experiences / traits are indicators of success for this role:

- Demonstrable experience shipping products (things you have had a hand in building that you can point to on the Internet or an app store)
- Education in Computer Science or a related field
- A position, strategy, and perspective when it comes to Responsive Design, or whatever you want to call the process of building interfaces that may appear on a variety of different types of screens
- Experience with HTML and CSS preprocessors (Any of Jade / Haml / Sass / SCSS / LESS)
- Enough experience with Javascript frameworks that you can explain some relative strengths and weaknesses among them (any of Angular, Backbone, Meteor, React, FlavorOfTheMonth.js, WinJS, etc)
- Experience utilizing Design Patterns (MVC)
- You are not entirely surprised with what the result in the browser is after you write some HTML and CSS
- Experienced with distributed version control systems (GIT, Mercurial)

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